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The Memberof Chinese Inventor Committee
The general manager: Mr.guodong xiong

   Mr. Guoqiang Huo (the second from the left), the former Chief Executive of Chongqing government, visited us on the High-Tech Fair


The short introduction of company


  Created by Mr. Guodong Xiong in 1997, our company was born to be a high-tech oriented enterprise. We focus on the research and development of environmental friendly products, such as plastic goods and solid fuel . Own- ing two factories, we are also capable of the producing and sales of our pro- ducts. Located in the Shapingba High-tech Industrial & Economic Park of Chongqing, our company takes the advantage of easy access to government institutions including Chongqing Science & Technology Committee, Chong- qing Environment Protection Bureau, Chongqing High-tech Enterprise Cen- ter, Chongqing Science & Coordination Center, Chongqing Technology Ex- change, etc. We have established close cooperation with government ad- ministration and the business environment is promising. The R&D team is made up of senior engineers and technologists that specialize in the fields of plastic, chemic, food and materials. We are creative, innovative and product- ive. Our story has attracted attention from the local media of Chongqing TV as well as the nationwide CCTV.

     With the coming of economic integration, competition has become increasingly fierce. We believe that science and technology leads to success. As our national leader Mr. Xiaoping Deng said, science and technology is the No. 1 productivity.

       In recent years, we have been very successful in the following  high-tech projects. One example is the pollution-free zhawa for high- speed train. Another one is the high-energy solid fuel which is envir- onmental friendly and exported all over the world. We are also proud of our product "decomposable plastic", which aims at eliminating white pollution. Factories based on our technology have been set up to pr- oduce the "decomposable plastic" in Gansu and Guangxi provinces with annual productivity of 300-10000 tons.





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      Exchange contract with customers on High-Tech Fair 99’    

   Mr.xiong was meeting with America customers and Hong Kong customers about "solid fuel   export".

  Meeting  with  Korean customer

   Meeting with Australian customer

   The reporters from CCTV interested the production process 


  The pictures of our factory:






                 our   offices                                                 our   factory











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