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   What is solid alcohol and why is it important?

    Solid alcohol is a new style fuel. It's made from carbinol and ethanol. Compared with liquid alcohol, solid alcohol is safer to use and more convenient to carry and store. The market for this product has been proved to be huge.

   What can we do with "flaming" solid alcohol?

   Our "flaming" high energy solid alcohol is safe, clean, convenient and pollution free. It can be used for cooking and barbeque by families or restaurants. It also serves as an ideal energy source for explorers. It ignites easily, has strong firepower, can be transported safely, is easy to carry and has a guarantee period of over 2 years.

   What makes "flaming" solid alcohol different from other solid alcohol products?

   Different from the traditional technic, the production process of "flaming" solid alcohol is simplified but with improved quality. Under traditional technic, the solid alcohol is waxiness and melts when heated. This leads to higher cost and shorter guarantee period. Traditionally produced solid alcohol burns with red fire, which is of low heat and short burning time (every 200g burns 40-60 minutes). In addition, there are large amount of leftovers to be cleaned after burning. Under traditional technic, the product is jellylike mass and not solid enough, so it requires iron package. There is a problem with iron package since it is not airproof and volatilization leads to waste. Further to that, the iron itself is apt to oxygenation, which spoils the solid alcohol within. Finally, the cost of iron package is high at RMB0.8-1.2 for each can. In view of the above disadvantages of traditional products, we have developed "flaming" solid alcohol with innovative technics and ingredients. There is no need for special equipment but simplified production process, no heating thus secure. It is of no waste, pollution free and environment friendly. Through adjustment to ingredients, you can have various products as you wish with diversified rigidity, color, elasticity and crystalline alcohol. You can use the product without burning tools on bricks, stones or ground with guaranteed security and convenience. "Flaming" solid alcohol use plastic package, which is cost effective. When burnt, "flaming" solid alcohol sublimates without melting and the fire is blue. Consequently, there is no waste during burning, no smoke, smell or leftovers. The burning time lasts longer: every 200g burns over 2 hours. Our products have been recognized by the National Chemical Industry Ministry as green and environment friendly. In addition to the domestic market, they have also been exported to US, Japan and European countries. Our technology is world class and the products have a huge potential market.

    What is required for the production of this product?

    No special water or electricity is required. You need a workshop of 30 square meters and equipments of only hundreds of RMBs, including iron barrel, tubes and packing machine. You need 2-3 staff to take care of the production process and the productivity amounts to 20-30 thousand pieces (cans). During the production, there is no need for heating thus secure and no waste. Generally, it costs RMB0.30 every 200g and sells at RMB0.80, which means good profit. You can start production immediately if you have the workshop and the right technology. Materials mainly include carbinol, ethanol and condensate, which is available everywhere. (The prices of carbinol and ethanol may fluctuate.) The whole production process is poison free as well as pollution free.

How to buy the technology?

We have two series of products for international and domestic market respectively. The technology of different product has different price. Buy one technology, you get more than one production directions free, so that you can better satisfy the specific need of your customers. If you buy the technology of internationalized products, you get the domestic one free. You are very welcome to visit our company and factory in Chongqing, do experiment and have a test. You only sign the contract for technology transfer at your satisfaction. The inventor will give the training in person and make sure the qualification of the trainee. We also offer the whole set of technical materials (production directions, technics and blueprints ) and test reports. We also authorize the free use of our brand name, packing and advertisement design.

How to evaluate the project? How to ensure the customers' interests after buying the technology?

Since 1996, our products have been recognized as poison free and environment friendly by the Environment Protection Center of the National Chemical Industry Committee. In addition to the market in China, we also sell our products in America, Japan, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Our technology is world class and has a broad market. Mr. Guodong Xiong, the general manager, is the inventor of this technology. He has been in this field for more than ten years. The newly developed "flaming" product series are advanced in many ways since they are based on years of research and innovation. The market for solid alcohol is not new, which demonstrates the stable demand for it. Development of our technology never stops, so we survive and succeed. Seeing is believing. You are warmly welcome to visit us. We commit to the authenticity of our technology as the most advanced in the market. We refuse unhealthy price competition, but we welcome competition in quality, technology and service. We would fully compensate any loss caused by quality or technology problems. There is no charge for technical service. The technology update is also free for our customers.

How to distribute this product and what is the quotation?

For product details or quotation list, please contact our sales manager, Mr. Wei Wang.


      1. To verify the authenticity of the technology, you should be careful. There have been suppliers in the market selling their technology at low price but their technology does not work properly. It is highly recommended that you go and find out if the supplier itself is producing the product with large scale.

      2. It is found that our product pictures, brand name, test report and feasibility have been illegally used by certain companies and research institutions in Liaoning, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui and Guangdong. They also buy products from our company to use as samples. We will take legal activity to protect our company and our custmers.

      3. The solid alcohol produced by our company was verified by the National Chemical Industry Committee on September 22 of 1996. Please check the original document of this report to make sure that you are talking to Mr. Guodong Xiong who is the artificial person of the company.

      4. Please verify the date of the test report. Some companies declare that they also get verification from the National Chemical Industry Committee, but this committee has been dismissed due to institutional reform and any company founded after that date could not be verified by it.

You are warmly welcome to visit us. We would fully compensate any loss caused by quality or technology problems.     

* * * You can also talk directly to our general manager, the inventor, Mr. Guodong Xiong.

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