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CX-3 High-Energy Environment Friendly Solid Fuel

Product Specification


Standard: Diamonds;      Size: 45×45×10mm;

Weight: 25±2g / pc      Rigidity: firm (similar to that of compressed biscuit)

Burning time: 15 minutes per 25g. Any leftover can be burnt again after the removal of the remained from burning.

Packing: 8pcs/ pack, 100packs/ case, 20kg/ case.

Specification: Poison free, firepower strong, safe burning and convenient to carry. The product is                            volatilization-proof, so it can be stored for long and transported afar. If burnt in a drafty room, there would be no smell and the remains can be easily removed by a wet wiper.

Ignition (demonstrated as below):

               It takes 5-10 seconds to ignite it with fire and this makes the whole process safer.


      1.It is inedible and put it away from food.

       2.Protect it against damp.

       3.Keep off fire.


          product pictures:


                    ckf-1                              ckf-2


                            cky-1                             cky-2

                  product packing:



  Factory price: RMB270/ case. We only accept order of over 1000kg.

  Container price: RMB13000/ 1000kg with fuel, inner package (plastic bag) and the normal taxation invoice included. Freight and outside package are not included. (We can offer paper boxes of different sizes according the demand of customers. The prices are as follows: small paper box at RMB 0.13/ pc, big paper case at RMB2.6/ pc if it is used to hold 50 boxes and at RMB5.8/ pc if 100 boxes.)


  80% prepaid for the first order; 50% prepaid from the second order. COD (cash on delivery) for the remaining sum of every order.

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